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Our private tutors have passion for helping others achieve their educational goals and we fully appreciate that sometimes a little extra coaching is required. We know that a 1-2-1 learning approach can make all the difference and that private tutoring with a private tutor can significantly improve confidence and results.

At, we offer personal, private tuition in the comfort of your own home, away from the distractions of school/college and have tutors that provide tutoring in the main subjects, such as Maths, English, Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

But how do you find the right tutor? By calling on our years of experience we can help you with this important decision. First, we listen to your requirements and then we can recommend a personal tutor that's just right to help you or your child to improve results.

We match the specific needs of the learner with a recommended private tutor, a qualified professional and expert in their subject - it is our mission to facilitate educational development. Over the past year we have successfully introduced more than 100 clients to tutoring with private tutors in Nigeria, particularly we have tutors in All states within the country. In this way we have supported countless parents and pupils, schools and teachers.

We can also offer you advice on home tuition, complete our 'Find Me a Tutor' form and our representative will get in touch with you. For qualified teachers, visit our 'Become a Tutor' page.

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Simply email your enquiry to or call us now. You will see why private tutors are a popular choice for many of those looking for tutoring in English, Maths and Science (and other subjects) and a private tutor for adult education.