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Are you a teacher, tutor or skilled professional?
Are you patient, flexible, passionate about helping others learn?
Are you based in and around Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, or any other cities in Nigeria?
Could you offer primary, secondary tutoring for SATs, A level or Adult Education?
Would you like to become a tutor and feel you have the necessary expertise and commitment to learning?

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(c) I understand that will not be held responsible for any injury, loss accidental damage, personal indictment or any other claim whatsoever arising in connection with tutoring or teaching assignments.

(d) I understand that if I should cause concern in the future in any way according to this declaration of trust or if I should default in my honesty then may contact my referees to advise them of such. Also, if I give just cause for to de-register me as a result, then notification will be sent to known current clients, introduced to me either directly or indirectly through advising them of such.

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